It’s January, so I’ll be “Hammin” it up, again

The Holidays always bring bargain prices on hams. I don’t cook a ham for any of our special meals, but I always pick one up for January. A Baked Ham is one of the most frugal of protein purchases, and with the aid of my Ham Math is guaranteed to cook perfectly every time.

Leftover Ham holds endless possibilities beyond the “day after” ham sandwich or add anything quiche. Try updating that sandwich to a Garlicky Grilled Ham and Cheese or put a new twist on it with a crispy Ham and Cheese Quesadilla , just oozing with your favorite cheese.

Garlicky Grits and Ham are delicious any time of day, from a filling breakfast to a Breakfast for Dinner night. If garlic isn’t your thing, just leave it out.  Certainly, the lists of casseroles and quiches are too numerous to name.  Just browse my recipe pages.  I’ll bet that you run out of ham before you run out of ideas.

And one more thing…When you think you’ve used up every bite of ham on that bone don’t dare throw it away!  You still have a pot of Fat-free Ham Broth to stew. From Bean and Ham Soup to Brunswick Stew to simply seasoning vegetables or rice, if you have a stash of this broth you can add a delightful savory flavor to your favorite recipes, so Ham it Up.

And as always,
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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