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Apples anyone? Here’s something new…

Gingersnapple Sheet Pie. Not quite a pie, and not quite a bar cookie, this unusual dessert combines the best flavors of fall. A cool apple topping is layered over a soft ginger cookie crust, chilled until firm, then cut into squares.  Served warmed or cold, this recipe literally came to me in my sleep!

Or maybe you’d prefer an Apple Cobbler warm from the oven. This ones a little different with browned butter and vanilla bean. Try it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on the side for a sweet creamy contrast.

These apple offerings are the result of our annual trip to Scotts Orchard, just north of town.  It’s a trek I drag Michael on each fall.  I just can’t resist fresh from the farm produce and regularly bite off more than I can chew.  I then have to find ways to use all that bushel of seasonal goodness.  With the apple harvest, some recipes are just a given.  Apple Pie Filling is always stashed in the freezer, just waiting for a crust. I almost always slow cook a batch of Apple Butter, followed by a batch of Apple Butter Cinnamon Rolls.

Along with my usual freezer stash of pie filling I tried another new pie recipe this year, Warm Apple Buttermilk Custard Pie.   I found that it’s best chilled in the fridge for a few hours to set up really well, but then warmed a bit in the microwave to serve each slice.  This one’s a keeper!  Try it for breakfast with a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt.  No, I don’t eat leftover pizza for breakfast,  but this pie has fruit, eggs and buttermilk.  I’d call that breakfast food.

A couple of dinner recipes were recent stand-outs.  If you follow this blog you might recall that I postponed (moved the sticker down the menu calendar) Zippy Summer Shrimp. Well I finally made it, and that recipe is a keeper as well. I don’t recall where the original recipe came from, it was just in my files, but I tweaked it just the tiniest bit to resemble a shrimp dish served at Pappa Joe’s restaurant in Apalachicola. Success!  I served it along side fettuccine bathed in Lite Alfredo Sauce. That combo will be showing up on the menu calendar again soon.

Another new recipe that turned out well was Garlicky Cheese and Mushroom Stuffed Chicken. Wow! Talk about flavor! This is not your usual bland boneless chicken breast. Some of the cheese did seep out, but I just plopped it back onto the chicken. I suppose you could avert this issue by cutting a pocket into your chicken breast rather than booking it, but I find that process frustrating. I can never get enough filling into those tiny pockets. The choice is yours.

Well, I started this post with dessert and finished with the main dish. Maybe we should start eating that way! Be thankful for what life gives you.

Spaetzle, and Where do My Recipes Come From?

DSCN1507 (2)

When my potato ricer finally arrived, (see last week’s post), I wanted to experiment with the ricer, but making Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi just wasn’t what I wanted to do right at that moment. Besides, by that time I had used the milk needed for the ricotta in other things.  Instead of making the gnocchi, I taught myself to make Spaetzle, Little German Dumplings. A nice plate of carbs bathed in butter always improves my mood. How about yours?
Okay, all that brings up the real point of this week’s post: Where do my recipes come from? That’s a question I get asked all the time and there’s no simple answer, but I’ll try
The Spaetzle recipe came out of desperation and frustration. No, really, as I frequently do, an idea might come to mind for a dish I’ve heard of, but never in my life made before, like Spaetzle. When I want to learn to make something new, I’ll sit down at the computer and start reading. I might read ten recipes or thirty, then print out three or so. Of those, I’ll use bits and pieces of their ingredients and procedures. I’ll add things and take some away, and tweak that recipe until I’m satisfied with the result. Then I’ll start cooking. Sometimes it’s a hit, and many times it’s a miss. I either throw that idea away or start working on it again.
Some of my recipes come to me from friends and family. All of us have family recipes that have been handed down, and many of us are fortunate enough to have good friends who share theirs as well. My good friend, Carol, has a collection of recipes from South Georgia that would put Paula You-Know-Who to shame! She has shared many with me, and I in turn, have shared some of those with you. The latest is Carol’s version of a wedge salad with her Aunt Willa Lamb’s Roquefort Dressing. (how’s that for a Southern lady’s name?)
DSCN1616 (2) DSCN1575 (2)
Often, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a recipe running through my head. Sometimes I have no earthly idea where it came from or if it’s even possible to do. Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Swirls? Hmmm… We’ll have to see about that one.
Back to The Sticky Menu Plan
Sunday was supposed to be some spectacular Pork Pot Pie. Nope, Not in the mood! The Sticky Menu Plan is just a plan, not set in stone, and I wasn’t in the cooking mood, so the only pork I cooked was some bacon for good old Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwiches. Now that’s the plan! Monday was more of the same, not cooking. Hot dog chili came out of the freezer to greet me and put a smile on my not cooking face!
Alright, by Tuesday I decided that was enough of that not cooking nonsense. It was time to start cooking again. Pressure Cooker Pork Stew and Dumplings was the worthwhile result. This recipe is another example of where some of my recipes come from. Earlier in the week, Michael and I noticed a similar recipe on the Food Network. Well, that got the wheels turning. While my recipe is not exactly the same, if you were to compare the two side by side you would certainly see where I got my inspiration.  ( Here is the link to Porky Pot Pie with Cheesy Drop Biscuits.  Read more at: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/nancy-fuller/porky-pot-pie-with-cheesy-drop-biscuits.html?oc=linkback)  Mine is topped in dumplings in the same fashion, but features more veggies and less pork in a richer gravy.  Next time I make this dish, I’ll probably tweak it again, as I most often do.
DSCN1555 (2) IMG_1541_1
While Wednesday was our usual Leftovers, Thursday was sheer indulgence. I have two version of the recipe for Patty Melts. This one is not the lower in fat nor calories, but we do enjoy it!
On to Friday, the star of the week and one of my favorite recipes, La Marina. This one is a copy cat recipe, another one of my recipe sources. How many times have you been to a restaurant and especially enjoyed a particular entree? For me La Marina is one of those. It’s Grilled chicken and shrimp in an adobo sauce with mushrooms and cheese. I think I got it pretty close. Try it. You just might like it.
IMG_2772_1 (2)
Be thankful for what life gives you.